Taking on the World, One Boat at a Time


Provide the leading fishing service experience for all adventurers in an enjoyable space while helping the local community. 


To bring new exposure and expand to multiple markets around the country


We are a very excited and diverse family with a passion to explore the Caribbean waters.  Our team is based on one of the many marvelous provinces in the Dominican Republic, San Pedro de MacorisWe started out as a small group trying to find the best ways to innovate ourselves during the COVID pandemic. As we reminisced over our past adventures on our travels we thought about finding a way to do what we love and at the same time contribute to building a better future for our community 


We set out on a path to find the best way to accomplish that task and slowly but surely here we are. Creating the best memorable experiences and helping the local fisherman towns gain the opportunity to rise and revolutionize the fishing Industry in the Dominican Republic. As we sail and show our guests the different types of fish species there are we want to contribute to the local fishing communities and increase jobs and other probabilities for locals.